i’m gonna build a parachute

in my final trimester…. i have thought… or i must say made my mind to build a model working parachute. as usual i googled bout it … nd found this interesting concept of a tetrahedron parachute.

I’ve now finalized upon building a tetrahedron parachute. well first i’ll hav to calculate the required dimension. I’ll keep it small for ease of manufacturing. maybe 1/2 mtr to 1 mtr high. i’m not sure about the material. as of now i’d be goin for polyethylene, or light plastic sheet. Well i guess i forgot to mention one more thing. THE BUDGET. I intend to make it for less than Rs 499.
So as of now i’ll be searching materials for my project.
i have pated a rough diagram of the parachute (as given here ) below. The upper diagram is the top view, and the one below it is the front view.

Pour in your suggestions. And if u’d like to sponsor the project, u r more than welcome… 🙂

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