No Ink

After xerox, its now zink. xerox mastered the art of reusable paper. However, the paper still requires ink for printing. Here’s where Zink fits in. Zink, or Zero Ink, is a company which is about to bring in zero ink printing. For the technically oriented people, zink works on the concept of thermal imaging. The “zink paper” consists of various crystals, which when melted give out different colours. And then its magic. The small printer (which consists only of a thermal head) churns out high quality prints. And as the technology is limited only by the paper size, your print can be as big as your paper.

So, what do businesses have in store?? Well for the starters, you can see a whole range of products which would be working on zink. Zink printer embedded cameras, mobile phones, mobile printer etc.. One can see various applications. Apart from home applications industrial applications can come up in a big way. Operations which require colour printed documentation will find many uses for such a product. It could also be used as a ticket vending machine.
But, it should be reasonably priced, or else it will meet Polaroid’s fate. After all, what is technology if not affordable??

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