diu – discovered ,not visited…

back from my holiday at diu, i was asked by friends about the trip. And my words were:

“for the first time in my life, i haven’t visited a place, but have discovered it”.

My trip began on ahmedabad station. Me, avi and nidhi boarded train to veraval. and then took a bus from there to diu. Avi being the most vella of all, had got his hands on lonely planet India guide and took photocopies of info on diu. Must say…. the guide was very useful, and we had holidayed in pure “lonely planet” style. We stayed at hotel sea village. it’s a small hotel, with dingy rooms made out of shipping containers, but is right next to a wonderful beach (known as jalandhar beach). Instead of hiring any taxi, auto rickshaw, or 2 wheelers we hired bicycles to roam around. Diu being a small island, cycles proved to be the best way to discover it. The lonely planet map helped us in it a lot.
We had Portuguese style HEAVY breakfast and then use to roam around on cycles till evening. visited beaches, churches, diu fort, shops and what not. It was great fun there…. and to quote nidhi after returning from the trip:

“I’m excessively staring into diu pics, get strong urges to run out of class.. withdrawal symptoms have gripped me too… I want to go back to the land of lovely beaches and sand.”

so next time u r there…. or visiting any other place, try discovering it…..

1. you can buy the lonely planet guide from crossword or ne known book shop.
2. cycles are the best option, but make sure you get good ones, otherwise ur rear will hurt like anything.

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