Musical robot…. literally

Tired of building the same old labor intensive robots, Toyota has now come up with a musician robot. It’ll play musical instruments for its owners. But will it play on demand, or will it have to download music notes off the net???

Toyota, maker of the Prius hybrid and Indian best selling Qualis/Innova, has been a relative latecomer in robots compared to its domestic rival Honda Motor Co., as well as other companies, including Hitachi Ltd., Fujitsu Ltd. and NEC Corp.

Honda has been working on robots since 1986 (my brother wasn’t even born then), recognizing the technology as critical for its future in delivering mobility for the future. It is showing the latest technology in its own robot — the Asimo humanoid — next week.

Asimo — which stands for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility and is play on the Japanese word for “legs” — first became available for rental in 2000. It’s considered one of the world’s most advanced humanoids. Seen often at Honda and other events, it can walk, even jog, wave, avoid obstacles and carry on simple conversations. But can’t play music. So i guess, this is where Toyota will push itself. As a niche player in the already niche segment.

Clubs, Resturants, Hotels, Convention Centers etc.. can find this 5ft robo pretty useful. Just plug n play feature will help them combat the tantrums thrown by performers.
Hope it’ll also replace many pseudo musicians. 😉


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