I still cant believe this. I, knowing the person i am, cant still believe that i am writing something on ‘looks’. But then, my recent course of actions have prompted me to proceed with this writeup. What i am discussing here might sound trivial, but i just wanted to get it out out of my head and so you are reading this piece.
I have two contradictory statements in my head, and am not very sure for which one to go with. They are

  • One should not judge someone on the basis of his/her looks. i.e. looks can be deceptive, or Don’t judge the book by its cover.
  • Majority of the judgements are made on the basis of one’s look

One says dressup coz this is ur last chance, while the other says Dressing up wont make any difference. One says “its the matter which matters” , the other says “When there is no matter to matter, Its the look which matter”.

someone.. please help me out with this ambiguity…..

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  1. Anonymous · November 18, 2007

    it all depends on wat u r looking for :

    1. a friend with whom u have a heart felt bond , someone in my words u find a “family” in (if u had a chance to pick up a family of ur choice after birth, u wud pick these ppl)

    2. a ‘life partner’, a sahara, a care-taker amidst the society, someone to go out with to social gatherings & someone to grow old with & fulfil ur needs (which is wat arrange marriage gives well)

    but i must say that the former has no bindings, & thus is not an ‘arrangement’ or agreement. members of the same family hardly live under the same roof.. they are free to pursue their dreams however they want.. by your side or away from you

    the latter is a ‘marriage’, a setup, an agreement where one’s choices affect the other’s fate.

  2. maheep · November 18, 2007

    well anonymous… u sort of got me wrong… or may be i couldnt put the things rightly.

    While i was referring to looks, it was bout myself and not ne friend or life partner. What i wanted to find out how much does one’s looks matter. It can be in context of getting job, ur workplace, ur college, any where.. but given that u are not in the business of lookin good, like in acting-modeling etc…

  3. Anonymous · November 28, 2007

    Hey friend,
    Well i think its the matter of internal confidence.

    If u feel that dressing nicely in well ironed pleasant clothes, well groomed hair, polished shoes, properly cut nails, handkercheif and pen in your pocket will make you look confident then you should abide by it.

    If that doent matter to you then its ok.
    Also depends on the occasion: if its a formal occasion of that an interview, code of conduct is a must, if its informal party you can wear blazer jackets and all, if its a picnic u can go in ur fav jeans.
    if its a mismatch no one including u would like it. for e.g. you wear a suit for a picnic or a T-shirt during an interview.

    From a point of view of others: you must dress according to occasion. think about a situation where a firm sends you to meet a client. you must be well groomed. no one would send in a shabby person to meet the most imp client even if the person is most suited for the job.

    Now its Ur choice….

  4. Anonymous · December 2, 2007

    got ur answer now..?

  5. Maheep · December 2, 2007

    hey anonymous…

    wot u say is correct.. but my questions remains unanswered. I wanted to find that how much dolooks matter…..

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