One Way City

Que-Which is the garden city of India?
Ans – Bangalore

Que-City of Lakes?
Ans – Bangalore

One Way City of India?
No prizes for guessing this one. Bangalore, always admired for its greenery, the number of lakes it has was also known as retirees paradise. But the recent IT boom has transformed it into an IT city. With tech parks coming up at every street and corner, it has now transformed into youngsters paradise. The city was never made to bear the load of this burgeoning population. The city planners could not timely gauge this growth. And the result in the form of traffic problems is in front of us. And to cope up with the traffic the planners have declared many roads fit for one-way traffic only. It was predominantly evident in the city area, near station, near market road, near brigade road, near commercial street and other places in central Bangalore. But the disease has now spread to places like koramangala, electronics city road, hosur road etc…
My recent visit to bangalore (or shall i say Bengaluru??) made me sit and wonder…… what will happen to this beautiful city in years to come. lets just hope that the developers come up with an efficient public transportation system and world class roads which can handle the traffic with ease….


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