Chak de India

The last sports based film i saw was IQBAL. Liked it very much. And as my friend Arri used to say – “It’s a simple film, told even simpler” . The film had a strong plot, coupled with great actors ( not stars), awesome script and was well directed by Nagesh Kukunoor.
Come 2007, and we have Chak de India. A film made on a bigger budget, has SRK, splendid cinematography, excellent story line again and pictures Delhi and field scenes beautifully. The bigness doesn’t stop there, but unlike Yash Raj’s previous films it doesn’t have any other star. It has a dozen of not so well known (till know) girls. Where IQBAL talked about the journey of a person in the field of sports, Chak de India takes it a step forward by showcasing the journey of a TEAM from being a hopeless national team to becoming World Champions. I won’t be surprised if any B-School comes up with a case study based on the film. Chak de India is more about India than sports.
In simple words the film says – United we stand, divided we fall.

and to end with….. my DEMON “moral of the story”
– You fail to score in Men’s WorldCup , u bring in Women’s World Cup


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