Interview with a Bureaucrat

Today former Election Commissioner of India, Mr. T.N. Seshan had visited my coll. We all think of him as a hard hitting man, somewhat like an Iron Man, but he turned out to the unexpected. He, undoubtedly, is a very good orator. He made us laugh 75% of the time. And for the rest, he made us think. his knowledge bank deals in surpluses. He knows everything, right from Gautam Buddha to Orkut. Being a Science graduate, he has keen interest in technology and knows all about the YOUTUBEs and iPODs of today. He recommended one book for MBAs. And that would be the Vedas, and in particularly Arth Shastra. He also talked about the new class called FC (Forward Class).While the whole world is moving forward, or is atleast trying to, We Indians are trying are level best to move Backward. More and more communities are fighting to become backward class.He said that he can undestand why the youth refrains from getting into the IAS, and a lot needs to be done to improve or Civil Services.

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  1. sWeeT_assASiN · July 20, 2007

    sahi hai bhai…i think u MBA guys shiuld get a special entry into the IAS and manage the country

  2. maheep · July 20, 2007

    hey sweet_assasin,

    nice idea, but the current selection procedure for IAS is the best. The issue is not with direct/indirect entry, but with lesser people going for IAS as a career option. Take gujarat for example. There are practically no IAS training centers here, apart from the university dept. That too is in a shoddy state. Gujju’s think more on business line than on service and especially IAS.

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