Summers are here….
Well at our place (read hostel) it had arrived way ago. We first felt the heat when we cam here… but that subsided in weeks. But today as i type this note, my room is boiling at 35 degree centigrade . And it’s just past midnight…. gosh i fear for those who’d be running in and around Ahmedabad for their project. During the day, mercury touches 43-45 degrees. It’ like being in Sahara. The heat kind of reminds me of an Ad. This one was for Bajaj Wind bike. The ad showed a man wearing washed wet clothes and as he drives to his office his clothes get dried up. Our condition is no different. If we do so, our clothes will dry up in 2kms of travel. And why the heck do they have Black Helmets. Of all the colours, why only black? Its like some conspiracy against us. In the heat, the helmet gets so hot that you could even make an omelet on it.
And the worst part being rains. Its bloody raining in each and every corner of the country. And not even a single cloud in Ahmedabad. The low pressure has reduced to such a level,that the scientist in me predicts heavy showers in Ahmedabad this monsoon.-amen


One comment

  1. Nidhi Varma · May 26, 2007

    May it Rain Soon & Heavy ..

    Amen !!

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