New menu!!!

Bheja Fry n.

1. Chopped and scrambled cow/goat-brain, served piping hot. Goes well

with most kinds of breads. too greasy.


A first-time director’s attempt at remaking a Canadian Film.

Largely unfunny, almost salvaged by the leading man. ekdum


So wot did u had today?

well for me it was the usual indian platter, dal-roti-sabji-chawal. And even if i wish to eat something exciting or new, all i get is Punjabi, Chinese or Continental. There’s no change in life.

And then i get to relish my taste buds with Bheja Fry.

Agreed i do eat non-veg, but not Bheja Fry. The Bheja Fry i am talking about is the newly released film starring Rajat Kapoor, Sarika, Milind Soman, Ranvir and Vinay (the last 2 of the great indian comedy show) and there is this second lady… but dont remember her name, anyways she is not that important. The film is a remake of a Canadian Film ” The Dinner Game”, but with an Indian flavour. The story talks about Rajat Kapoor bringing in Vinay (The Idiot), to showcase his talent (or the lack of it) in front of his friends, which his wife Sarika doesn’t approve of. But unfortunately the party never takes place, and Rajat gets stuck with Vinay at his home, who makes life miserable for him, but tries his level best to bring back Sarika who had left home due to the “dinner game”.

Well if you couldn’t understand what the story is, then watch it yourself to take a feel of the laughter riot. And if you could, then what are you waiting for???????????????????

a still from the film “Bheja Fry”



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