Faring well

Just came back from the farewell film. We bunch of students from 1st and 2nd year had come together to watch ‘SHOLAY’ in the audi. Felt gr8 out there among batchmates and seniors. But at the same time felt bit awkward. Well ‘Awkward’ is not exactly the word i’m lookin for, but then excuse me for my diction. Its just that time is running too fast… not even a year has passed by and the academic session is gonna end next month. Just 1 more year… and we would be dancing at our farewell party.
but wot makes it difficult is the feeling that i’ve done very little and could had utilized the time at the institute in a more productive and efficient manner. And its not just about Acads. but then as they say :”its never too late, than to be called Mr. Late”……
got to do a lot… as my dad says “baat kum, kaam zyaada” (talk less, do more)…..

`, )


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