Marketing or Finance

Today we had FM paper….learnt an important MR concept:”O X O”here ‘X’ is the treatment variable… i.e. FM-II paper….’O’ refers to the test units i.e. the students who wanted to take up Finance….(no random selection over here…. all had to go thru’ the treatment…..)The following test was to measure the interest for Finance as Majors among students of MBA – I FT. Observations of the test -Pretest – atleast 70 people wanted Finance as Majors Posttest – half of them backed out LEARNING : either kidnap the 3 pointers…. or open the book…..


note: Just kiddin…. the paper made us think for the first time. There were no direct ‘2+2’ types of questions. No questions which demanded mugging up theory. Guess time to seriously read Brealey and Myers.


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