While i write this blog, i’m bit confused. What do i write over here…. or what i’m writing over here…..
Am i writing , as someone had criticized, things external to me or matters close to me, my heart.
A close look at my previous blogs make things clear. Anyone can deduce from them that i’ve been writing matters external to me. But, the truth is that being an amateur, i’m still in the learning mode, and just wanted to try my hand on things like writing editorials or something.
Today i’ve thought of writing from my heart.
There are times in life when you feel completely broke, when your loved one is not with you. he/she may be not well, gone far from you or whatever the reason may be. But digesting that very fact takes time, moreover when every hour seems day long. You see everyone else happy with their’s, and hope that your love comes back to you as soon as possible. But on the other hand,as i’ve noticed, one gets ample time for himself/herself. You get time to clean your desk/room/bed… to exercise, to wash your clothes, to study/read and to even clean yourself (sply for hostelites like me). But no mater what you do, you still are not in a position to forget her. And then comes a time when reunification takes place. You feel like you are on heaven. A feeling, which just like THE MATRIX, can only be felt not seen. The glow on ones face is like the dew drops which have just been touched upon by the first sun rays in the morning.
I finally got my Laptop repaired.


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