First it was 4 P’s, then 4 C’s and we even had 4 E’s. Now I have my own management jargon. I call it 4 M. So, what do I exactly mean by 4 M? Well one thing is sure, it has got nothing to do with Marketing, Finance, and HR or for that matter any other professional sphere. And neither does it have any connection with my name, which, for that matter, I am very obsessed with. Don’t pressurize your already overburdened tiny reddish white matter located behind your forehead called cerebellum , also known as “The Brain” to common people. The answer lies not in any textbook, magazine or web-page but in my cerebellum, which today has decided to play with yours.

Enough of playing around with cerebellum and words. The answer is pretty simple, which many might find stupid. It stands for 4 Months, in B-School. Now the very next question which pops up in one’s mind is that ‘what so great about celebrating 4 months at the institute’. I could’ve celebrated 1,2 or 3 months at the school, why only 4 months??? One obvious reason is that this is the only free time i could find to pen down my thoughts. For after a long (and this time it was really long… ) time I could update my Blog. Another reason, and a logical one is, that after joining the school, this is the first time when we all students have gone to their respective home and that too for 10 days. Not that it we didn’t had holidays earlier , but this time we ALL are back to our home and not on any PPV.

So how have these 4 months been? To start with, we had lots to study. And One whole term went by to make us realize that. We had many sleepless nights, but mind you it wasn’t because of studies. We had a welcome party thrown in by our respectable seniors, talent night by adorable batch mates , Management Conclave and HR Conclave , Goalzzz: the inter B-School football tournament, Lakshya : the inter Class sports challenge, PPV (which for the uninitiated stands for Pre Placement Visit) ,some Exams thrown in here and there, Lots of movies, LAN games, LAN wars, LAN quizzes, Lunch-Dinner at Maduria/Rajasthan/Tandoor and sometimes even at our humble MESS; Snacks at Pantry, NIT canteen and TAPRI; Celebrating festivals: Ganesh Chaturthi ,Independence day, Navratrti, Diwali& doin bhangra instead of garba at navratri; Attending various Bschool competitions; Break-ups and Make-ups ……… and the list goes on……and on….and on.Moreover, this was just for the first 4 months. Many months are yet to come filled with love, happiness, sorrow, grief, excitement and what not. Looking forward to the next 4M .

And to end with one senti line: “It’s not the journey , but the company that matters”

– M2


One comment

  1. Kshitij · October 30, 2006

    Well, Maheep u really talk a lot of sense in this blog dude !!! 4 months in a premier B-School in itself is a great achievement … and we have done it pretty successfully buddy !!! 4 months where so much has happened … and the next M7 r goin 2 be really exciting … away from our homes, trying 2 make a career for ourselves … Cheers bro !!!

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