13 …..13……13…… Suroooorrrr……

“13 …..13……13…… Suroooorrrr…… ”
Himesh Reshamiya (HR)

“Love him or hate him, Can’t ignore him………”. Himesh Reshamiya, undoubtedly the best music director on the block (rating strictly based on Box office hits) , is also the most beloved singer. His creations top the charts every week. His career started of with a stint in the Bollywood film “Pyar Kiya to Darna Kya” & shot to fame for the film “Tere Naam“. He then composed for many films, but what really brought him into limelight was the film “Aashiq Banaya Aapna” where he sang for his own creations. His contempary nasal singing style was criticized by a few & loved by many.

In the previous 6 months or so.. every second movie seems to be composed by HR. So let us find today the probability of HR Not Composing for a film.
Taking the data for last 6months.. .the total no. of films composed by HR is :
Aksar, 36 China Town,Humko Deewana….. , Chup Chup Ke , Phir Hera Pheri, Tom Dick & Harry.
i.e. 6

Now Avg. number of films released in India in a year = 800,
hence for six months = 400

Probability of HR NOT composing for a film = 1-(6/400)
= 98.5 %…………. CHEEERRRSSS…

So all those who hate to love him Or love to hate him… there is one More reason to cherish for…….
And all those who hate to hate him Or love to love him…. there are many films for HR to work for…….



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