The Flight

whenever one travels alone……he/she expects the co-passenger to be of the opposite sex + attractive + humourous….and why not. I am no exception to that. Recently i had to travel alone. My Flight was a 1.5 hrs journey (or atleast it was supposed to be so). The airport was as usually crowded…..had no place to sit , and above that the flight was 35 min late. But with beautiful AirHostess around, passing time was no problem. Their were some pretty faces around, so i was busy playing the “Who will sit besides me” guess game. Finally, boarding call for my flight was made. All passengers approached the boarding counter. After the checking, i went and occupied my seat 26 A(window seat…you never know what u can see outside..). I started that guessing game of mine. A pretty(cant use that S word over here) lady was coming towards my seat. Age– around 20-23, ht- 5’8” – 5’10” and everything else in perfect shape….she resembled more or less a model. She crossed the 20th row…21st…22nd..23rd…24th..25th…26th……27th.. .WHAT??…27 th row, ‘common 26 B is still unoccupied’…She was searching plce to keep her abin luggage. An airhostess came and helped her..and then she turned around an sat besides me…..she was to be my co-paasenger fot the next 1. 5 + hrs…..Afer take off she said those 6 golden words….”Can you pass me the magazine”.i gave it to her, and asked for one in front of ther. We had our coffee /breakfast…Kahana bhi kha liya aur Bhav bhi…After waiting for 30 min.. i asked her……………………….
… be contd……..


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