Why didn’t Chris Lynn fall on the boundary rope while making the best catch in cricketing history?

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Well, it was some catch by Chris Lynn, an Australian cricketer. The catch was held on 25 Apr 2014 in IPL’s 7th edition. I am not sure it was the best in history as said in this quora post (and elsewhere) but surely one of the greats. Apparently Lynn showed his catching brilliance earlier as well.

So this Quora post discusses how did Lynn end up taking the catch as he had slipped just moments before the ball came towards him. And more importantly how he managed to avoid falling on the rope considering how close he was to it.

People have looked at ideas from Physics to explain how the catch was possible. I have zero knowhow of Physics (though know some bit of economics :-)) so no comments at all. But some interesting explanations.

Nice stuff.

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How many Indians do you need to change a bulb

just a reminder to everyone… if more voters visit the polling station, Congress might not come back to the power again.


69.3 crores (or 692.7 million) – that is 56% of India’s population which voted during the last general elections. Not sure if 56% is a good or bad number. Well neither am I, but all i can tell from stats (wasnt there this song ‘numbers don’t lie’) is that this 56% is below the total number of people who came out voting after Independence. Actually 2009 was the second lowest voter turnout, the lowest was in 1962.

Who wins if many voters show-up?

Based on these stats, the top four voter turnouts have resulted in non-congress alliance at center. 1998-BJP (Vajpayee), 1999-BJP (Vajpayee), 1989-JD (VP Singh), 1977-Janta party (Morarji Desai). The fifth highest  turnout was in 1984, where congress won with a clean sweep, some say due to Indira Gandhi’s death before the elections. So it is safe to say that higher voter turn-out doesn’t favor congress. How many voters do you think will show-up…

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90s india music scene

I only remeber bally sagoo…
But my friend remembers others tooo-


dont you remember biddu
Bally sagoo happened much later
And all the falguni pathaks n bombay vikings and rhythm incarnations and variouses
Even shiamak davar n shaan
And looooaads (emphasis my friend’s) of t series sponsored single artists
These 3 gals calles MODELS

Check this out

Rajeshwari sachdev
Rajeshwari lumba

How can u forget sunita rao’s joker!!!!
Johny johny joker…. Kesariya hai roop tharo….

Checkthis out

Alisha Chinoi
Colonial cousins
Roop kumar n sonali rathod

Ila arun’s nigodi kaisi jawani hai

AND one of the best-

Why do Indian immigrants succeed as entrepreneurs in US?

Good read… Esp after new microsoft ceo

Mostly Economics

As Indian media goes in frenzy over Satya Nadella’s appointment as MS chief (though he doesn’t seem to care much), this is an interesting paper.

Though paper looks at reasons for success of Indian immigrants in business, I guess broadly it shd apply to other areas as well. It also says the immigrants are not as successful in UK and Canada:

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Musicovery: Kadal BGM – Nenjukkule Accordion posted by ARRahman-Addicts

song of the day- track Kadal BGM – Nenjukkule Accordion posted by ARRahman-Addicts.
Description: Join us @ http://ift.tt/1inbKV5

Credits to Indian Movie BGMs

Check it out :
Listen on soundcloud : http://ift.tt/1inbIwD

Musicovery: Chill 7 – Curry Smugglers posted by Curry Smugglers

song of the day- track Chill 7 – Curry Smugglers posted by Curry Smugglers.
Description: Welcome to 2014! With a rough 2013 under our belts, we’re pleased to bring you the 7th edition of Chill! The guys have sweat bullets and blood over this track list. Expect to see an eclectic curation of tracks that are middle, left field and way out of the stadium.

There’s heart in this one, as Vishal would say. Grab a drink, find your friends and turn the volume up to a ‘chill’ level. Let’s do this!

Track list

Channa – Atif Aslam | Coke Studio
Saiyaara – Mohit Chauhan | Ek Tha Tiger OST
Haga Mastkhabheya – Mohd. Hamaki | Coke Studio bel Arabia
Dust to Dust | The Civil Wars
Dhol Yaar Dhol – Shilpa Rao + Collaborators | MTV Unplugged (Dev D OST)
Khumaar – Papon | Coke Studio India
Ek Main Hoon Aur Ek Tu – Benny Dayal | MTV Unplugged
Bachana | Bilal Khan
Bulleya Reprise | Junoon
Jaagi Jaagi Raina | Vasuda Sharma
Benaam Si Khwaishen – Anwesha | Coke Studio India
Plain Gold Ring – Kimbra | Sing Sing Studio Sessions
Shikayatein – Mohan Kanan & Amitabh Bhattacharya | Lootera OST
Rain Song | Raghu Dixit
Adiye – A R Rahman | Kadal OST
Come Undone | Duran Duran
Akhiyan Nu Raen De | Qurat Ul Ain Baloch
Chandni Roop Ki – Shankar Mahadevan | DUS OST
Get Lucky (Acoustic Cover) | Lounes
Jaane Kaise (A Capella) | Shankar Tucker + Shashwant Singh
Sometimes Hazy | Vishal + Namrata
Chura Liya – Bally Sagoo | Bollywood Flashback 2
Kabhi Maine | Sameer

Check it out :
Listen on soundcloud : http://ift.tt/1mfZjL7